Explore the Historical Monuments and Buildings in Lisbon


Lisbon trip remains incomplete and unfair without visiting the historical tourist sites located in the city. Prepare the list of sites you should visit in the city before starting the trip. Below you can find the mention of top-rated historical sites that make Lisbon a top travel destination in Portugal.

Lisbon is the city of Portugal and has a definite charm associated with it, for accommodating a number of monuments and buildings of historical worth. Bleached limestone buildings and royal palaces form the treasure that every tourist to the city loves to explore. Obtain information about most famous historical sites that contribute towards Lisbon sightseeing tours.

Belem Palace

Designed as the royal residence for Queen D. Maria I and Prince D. Joгo in the 18th century, the Belem Palace offers the beautiful work in the form of tiles and wood carvings. As many as 28 well-known artists contributed towards the decoration of the palace, which is one of the finest examples of neo-classic architecture.

Casa dos Bicos

One of the exhibition sites in Lisbon, this house was constructed in the 16th century and was destroyed partially by the earthquake of 1755. Different excavations at the site contributed towards the discovery of Moor and Roman items.

Sгo Vicente de Fora Church

The church is known to accommodate the tombs belonging to the Braganзas family. The church was built as a convent way back in the 12th century and today, it enjoys the status of being a national monument. Famous for its tile work, there are over 1 million tiles installed at this site.

Belem Tower

Popular as a landmark of the city, Belem Tower belongs to the 16th century and was constructed as a tribute to Sгo Vicente, the respected saint of the city. The site performed the dual task of a river lookout and a defense for Portuguese shipping. A great example of the Manueline architecture, Belem Tower is famous for its lattice work and open balconies.

Other Historical Sites

Estrela’s Basilica, St. George’s Castle, the Jernfnimos Monastery and the Lisbon Cathedral are some of the other examples of historical sites in Lisbon worth paying a visit. One can find Lisbon transfers in the form of metro, buses and cars to reach most of these sites.


Source by Michael Mize Russell